Stunning affordable prices

Top reasons why customers choose Rachel for their portrait commissions

Great quality > acclaimed artist who has exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy

Affordable prices > you won't find this quality of artwork for these prices anywhere else

Easy ordering > online ordering, small deposits and no balance to pay until you are completely happy with your portrait

Working from photos > No long studio sessions, choose a favourite photo(s)

Something unique > A painted portrait is so much more special than a photo, a great gift which will become a lasting heirloom


How to Order

It can be daunting to commission a portrait when you maybe know nothing about art, artists and how they work. 

Rachel makes the whole process simple and will guide you through the various stages from pricing to choosing which medium, watercolour, pencil drawing or acrylic.

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Meet the Artist

Rachel Drake was born in Suffolk and moved to Scotland in 1990 to study at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art.

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Mini Portrait

So you want a portrait painted but don't have the budget to commission a large painting. 

A mini portrait size 4" x 6" (10 x 15cm) which comes complete with a frame of your choice (6 styles available) is the answer.  And for only £99 it's an affordable way to own an original work of art.

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